Stainless steel is an affordable material that allows us to create hypoallergenic and resistant pieces of jewelry. It is far more resistant than gold and silver because of its original toughness.
Stainless steel is offered in different quality grades. We only work with the surgical 316L quality (the best one!) to make sure you do net get any allergic reaction. 316L grade is nickel free, lead free and cadmium free.

Moreover, Stainless Steel in its original color (silver) is water resistant and doesn't tarnish, ever! You will then understand that it doesn't require a lot of care.

You will be pleased to know that plating colors used on Stainless Steel are also hypoallergenic and more resistant than plating used on cheap jewelry. Plating colors on Stainless Steel are made by a PVD process (Plating vapor deposit).

PVD plating is a long lasting plating that can however be affected by the way you take care of your jewelry. Refer to our
care guide to have the best advices on your plating jewelry treatment.
All of our products are made of Stainless Steel, no exception!